Who Opened the Package? Fox News Host Demands Answers as UPS Finds Lost Docs ‘Damaging’ to Bidens


by Oleg Burunov

On Wednesday night, Fox News host Tucker Carlson announced that an array of “authentic” documents purportedly related to Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and his son Hunter had disappeared while on their way to Los Angeles.

In an opinion piece published on Fox News website on Friday, the US news network’s host Tucker Carlson focused on how the United Parcel Service (UPS) had “explained the missing Biden family documents”.

He recalled that the incident took place a couple of days ago as he was preparing for an interview with former Biden family business partner Tony Bobulinski and that a package purportedly linked to the US presidential democratic candidate and his son had never arrived in Los Angeles.

Tucker claimed that Fox News still doesn’t know what happened, even though on Thursday morning, “UPS issued a press release announcing they had found our flash drive and boasting about their customer service”.

The host cited the press release as saying that UPS will always focus on its customers and will never stop working to resolve issues.

“They rarely lose anything, that’s why we use them in the first place. And yet they lost our Biden documents. How? UPS won’t tell us how. We spent a lot of Thursday talking to executives there”, Tucker went on to say, referring to the service’s claims that “the flash drive was found on Monday night by an hourly employee at the UPS building on 43rd Street in Manhattan”.

“[…] UPS says the employee who found our flash drive simply dropped it on top of the supervisor’s desk. Our documents sat there undiscovered for more than 24 hours until we announced on television that they were missing. That’s their story”, Tucker said, adding that Fox News “had some questions about it”, something that he noted UPS executives had failed to answer.

“So we’re left with the obvious explanation: Someone, for some reason, opened our package and removed a flash drive containing documents that were damaging to the Biden family. We’d love to know who would do that and why. It would be helpful to see the envelope itself. But UPS says we can’t see it because they threw it away”, the host pointed out.

Carlson Scolds Сolleagues for Ignoring Fox News’ Coverage of Biden-Related Issues 

His article comes after Tucker berated colleagues from other US media outlets for ignoring a news story that aired on his show on Tuesday night about Joe Biden’s alleged financial involvement with the Chinese Communist Party.

On Tuesday’s episode of Tucker Carlson Tonight, a former business partner of the Biden family, Tony Bobulinski, said that he had met with Joe Biden twice to discuss business deals with a Chinese energy company. Bobulinski shared an email exchange with Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, which suggests that 10 percent of each such deal went directly to the presidential candidate’s pocket. Additionally, the Chinese government allegedly proposed multimillion dollar interest-free loans to the Biden family, according to Bobulinski.

“Wednesday morning, the big papers completely ignored what Tony Bobulinski had to say. So did the other television networks. Not a single word about Bobulinski appeared on CNN or anywhere else. Newsweek decided to cover it, but came to the conclusion that the real story was about QAnon somehow. This is Soviet-style suppression of information about a legitimate news story days before an election”, Carlson argued.

According to the TV host, this manner of media censorship is an “attack on our democracy” and that the US media “cannot continue in the way that it has”, because “no one believes the media anymore and no one should”.

Bobulinski’s Further Insight Into Bidens

Carlson’s piece comes a few weeks after a former business associate of Hunter Biden, Tony Bobulinski, gave further insight into Joe Biden’s alleged role in his son’s international business network.

In an interview with the programme Tucker Carlson Tonight, Bobulinski lashed out at Joe Biden over the former vice president’s earlier claims that he never discussed business dealings with his son. The ex-US Navy veteran rejected the claims as “false”.

The interview followed Bobulinski telling the New York Post he was one of the recipients of an email from Hunter Biden that the newspaper published after it was extracted from a laptop supposedly left by Hunter Biden at a repair store in Delaware.

The document is part of other emails, pictures, and messages that the NY Post has published since 14 October and that ostensibly come from the hard drive of Hunter Biden’s laptop, obtained by ex-New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

The yet-to-be-verified emails expose what appears to be “pay-to-play” schemes allegedly pertaining to Joe Biden and his son, something that casts doubt on the Democratic presidential nominee’s constant claims that he had never been involved in his son Hunter’s foreign business dealings.



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