All enemy attacks thrown back – Armenian defense ministry presents situation in Artsakh


YEREVAN, November 2. /ARKA/. Artsrun Hovhannisyan, special spokesman for the Armenian defense ministry, presented Monday night at a briefing in the Unified Infocenter the situation in Artsakh.

“Throughout the past night, along the entire length of the northwestern border of Artsakh, the Azerbaijani Armed Forces made several large-scale attack attempts. All attempts were failed and attacks were thrown back. Some units, being trapped, were completely destroyed by artillery fire,” he said.

Hovhannisyan said that since 7:00 am on Monday, several attempts were made to attack in other parts of the border – in the north towards Martakert, in the center towards Martuni and in the south in different directions – several attempts were made to attack. He stressed that today’s attacks were somewhat different in severity from those of the past.

“In all directions, the attack attempts of the enemy were unsuccessful. In some areas (the enemy) was thrown back even with the possibility of pursuit. Our units managed to pursue and obtain some positional changes. However, in the direction of Martuni, the enemy managed to take 1-2 positions: from Martuni to the south,” he said.

At the moment, according to a representative of the Ministry of Defense, the fighting continues. In general, all of today’s attacks in 3-4 directions have failed.

“Mostly units were used by the size of the company and battalion. Aviation was actively used, several settlements were bombed, also at 18: 00-18: 10, during artillery strikes in the direction of David Bek (a village in Armenia), the community was also affected, there is one killed. As a whole, the situation is under control, enemy movements and regroupings are recorded and, mainly, suppressed by artillery fire,” Hovhannisyan said.

War in Artsakh

Since September 27, Azerbaijani troops have been carrying out military aggression along the entire length of the contact line in Artsakh, conducting artillery and rocket attacks, including against civilians and civilian infrastructures. Strikes were also carried out at civilian and military targets on the territory of Armenia.

The Azerbaijani side is supported by the Turkish Armed Forces and the foreign terrorist mercenaries recruited by it. The Turkish-Azerbaijani aggression encounters a decisive rebuff from the Armenian Armed Forces along the entire frontline.

According to the official reports on the Armenian side, Azerbaijan sustains huge losses in manpower. Its death toll since the beginning of the war is 7,050. Also 249 UAVs, 16 helicopters and 25 aircraft have been downed as well as 675 armored vehicles and 6 TOS units have been destroyed since the beginning of war. More than 1,070 Armenian servicemen have been killed and several hundred people were wounded. As a result of the war crimes committed by Azerbaijan, 46 civilians were killed and 142 wounded in Artsakh.

Since the beginning of the war, there have been three attempts to establish a humanitarian ceasefire. All three agreements, which were reached on October 10 through the mediation of the Russian Federation, on October 17 through France and on October 25 through the mediation of the United States, were violated by Azerbaijan.


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