Hariri Meets Aoun Seeking ‘Breakthrough’ in Govt. Formation Process


President Michel Aoun met PM-designate Saad Hariri on Monday and discussed with him the cabinet formation process in “an atmosphere of cooperation and positive progress,” the Presidency said.

“Aoun and Hariri were scheduled to meet on Wednesday but the latter decided to make a breakthrough, so he headed to Baabda today,” al-Jadeed TV reported after the meeting.

“There will be another visit by Hariri to Baabda tomorrow or Wednesday,” al-Jadeed added.

Unnamed sources meanwhile told the TV network that “there is no dispute over the number of ministers nor over the rotation of portfolios.”

“The dispute is still revolving around names, knowing that there is progress, and the next meeting will be over this very point, which is the names of candidates,” the sources added.



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