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By Ara Suvalian

After the Soviets eliminated the Independent Republic of Armenia 1918 and turned it into the Soviet Republic of Armenia, they were satisfied with its area of approximately 30 square km and gave up the rest of the Armenian land which was liberated with sacrifices The Armenian people solo after being betrayed by Azerbaijan, Georgia and Russia and it turns out that the sacrificed land area and mostly rented to Turkey reached 120 thousand square km, meaning four, added the area of Soviet Armenia and horrible revenge against Tashnak party ruling party 1918 All its officers were arrested and imprisoned and they were only released to their graves except for the secretary of defense, Interanic Uzanian who understood and earlier what was simulated to Armeni By the world Masons and those who are going around in its astronomy and the Armenian communists collusion with Bolsheviks. The Defense Minister was excluded in the new appointments, so he went to the present Edgmadzine, met the Catholicos, handed him his sword and his gun, and this movement is symbolic It means ′′ I put the responsibility of the Armenian people in your neck “.

Armenia left for the Balkans and fought again against the Ottomans, but along with other nationalities… They gained independence, and the Interanic carried his medal and his horse on the back of a ship leaving for America and immigrated there.

In America, no one knows his past and heroics, so he had to work until he and his wife live the bride… So he made the first floor in the house inhabited by a hotel to accommodate strangers and made the basement a carpentry workshop, which is his father’s profession… and it was He makes tables and chairs and sells them to secure a way of decent living.

The man died of a Philippine crisis that did not give him a moment… He died sad for his country and for what happened to his country because of treason from Russian allies.

In his homeland, the equation was the same: if one worker works and hangs out 20, the production of this worker feeds twenty, and this is first and secondly the laboratories and work tools belong to its owners, the owner is free in its own property and thirdly the proletarian The holidays are worm aggression we don’t like the holiday we don’t want it because we are disrupted by work and the last phrase means we are not working…

This is not suitable for Armenians, especially Armenians who returned to Armenia after the end of World War II, who did not understand what was happening and could not engage in the atmosphere, died exiled in Siberia.

The terrible challenge was World War II when Hitler flipped on Stalin after signing the non-aggression treaty, Armenians felt what awaits them… They were lured in World War II and the greatest officers and Soviet politicians were Armenians and no need to repeat This has been explained in detail in earlier articles and I thought the black days were over after an Armenian sergeant managed to fly the Soviet Union flag at the Berlin Reichstag gate… But the truth is otherwise the injustice of Armenians continued and they continued By making sacrifices.

I know the official figures of the Armenian martyrs in World War II are 100 thousand dead… I also know that the Secretary of Defense in my age of World War II was Stalin and this man loves Armenians love after love so this number was 100 A thousand to me is in doubt especially since Stalin was throwing Armenian soldiers on front lines to receive the most severe strikes on the front lines… After the fall of the Soviet Union, I reached the number of nearly half a million martyrs… I mentioned the number half a million In one of my articles and I received reprimand, but I did not decline and did not accept to delete the number from my article… Today what I did not wait and expect happened, which is stated in the following article on the film director Sarik Andrissian and lives in Moscow where The real figure of the Armenian martyrs in the Second World War is 600 thousand, not 100 thousand, as indicated by the former Soviet Union Ministry of Defense and not 500 thousand, as indicated in some of my articles:

Russian origin director Sarik Andresian since the first day of the war in Artsakh is deeply concerned about the Armenian people. Andresian addresses conflict almost everyday. Today an open letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin has been published:

In 1988, my family, represented by mom, dad and I, had to move from Armenia. My big brothers stayed with my grandma and grandpa, expecting to settle down where we went and take them to our place. In 1992 my brothers joined us.

Over the years, I’ve told different stories, reasons for moving and all made up, but the truth was very simple. We were all where we were ′′ in Armenia ′′ hungry and very cold bodies without heating ogas or hot water not even food. One day my older brother went to school and the teacher asked him if we had food at home my brother replied yes. Teacher asked my brother to bring some food, if his parents allowed it of course. At first, my grandmother refused, but my father said that food should be served for the teacher.

The next day my brother took some food and fed his school and cried happily, we were all humiliated like that we lived and lived Armenia and lived the whole country! All Armenians have come a long way for our home country to start a new life and not return to the horror that our parents and their families have experienced before them.

When we arrived at the gas after the war, my grandmother cried, because the gas was indeed forgotten phenomenon for us. We found ourselves in such a low situation for many reasons, economical and geographical. We are forgotten and surrounded by countries that hate us, we did not seek their interests nor obey them.

When adults met, they always said that as long as Russia stays with us, we will be safe. I have lived my whole life loving the Russian people and considering myself as a part not only of my Armenian culture, but also of Russian culture

When I moved to Russia and started studying the ungrateful manager’s career, you were already Russia’s president, Vladimir Vladimirovic Putin.

I came to Putin’s Russia, studied in Putin’s era, was poor in Putin’s era, and succeeded under Putin’s rule, and all my successes, failures, joy, and pain were in Putin’s era too.

I have always supported my President and believed in his justice, nobility and objectivity, even when there were people and facts that refuted his justice, nobility and objectivity.

But today I would like to say Mr. President that you betray me, you betray me Vladimir Vladimirovic, by your indifference to what happens in Artsakh! You also betray my grandfather, my ancestors and (thousand Armenians sacrificed their lives during the Great National War), and you betray the Armenian Soviet Union guards born in Armenia and Artsakh, you betray those officers, soldiers, scientists and inventors, you betray composers and politicians And writers, athletes, directors, artists and more. Bright characters that lived and lived, gave and sacrificed their lives for Russia!!! For Russia Putin.

Three million Armenians living in Russia think you won’t use Armenia as a bargaining chip, as Vladimir Elic Lenin once did! After hundreds of years, when the last Christian on earth disappears, I hope those in power and you are one of them understand that the foundations, traditions and love our peoples gained were far more important than money and oil

Sorry we believe in you! Thank you!

Please accept the utmost respect

Cinematic director Sarik Andrecian

Ara Suvalian

Humanitarian writer and researcher in the Armenian issue

03 / 11 / 2020

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