Azeri reporter accidently proves that artillery of Azerbaijan are located in residential areas


YEREVAN, NOVEMBER 4, ARMENPRESS. A Russian initiative called The Lyudi (The People) released a reportage showing the feelings of people during Nagorno Karabakh war from both sides.

The journalist also used Azerbaijani footages for his reportage, since he applied but never received a permit to visit near-war areas of Azerbaijan. There are parts from a reportage from Azerbaijani CBC TV, the examination of which confirms the regular announcements and warnings of the Armenian side about the fact that the Azerbaijani armed forces locate their firing positions in residential areas, from where they fire at the Armenian military positions and civilian settlements, making their own people a human shield in case of a retaliation from the Armenian side.

The Azerbaijani reporter blames the Armenian side for bombing the civilian settlements of Tartar region of Azerbaijan, shows a house in fire, claims that it’s very dangerous there and that they have to leave that place. Probably, the staff of the CBC TV was so much preoccupied with the idea of blaming the Armenian side in bombing civilian settlements that they did not notice how they accidently showed the artillery fire from Terter in the direction of Artsakh.

By this, the Azerbaijani TV once again proves what the Armenian side has been claiming for years, particularly during the period of the ongoing war, warning the civilians of Azerbaijani near-war areas not to become a human shield for their own military.



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