Strong Lebanon Vows Positivity but Won’t Cede ‘Representation Rights’


The Free Patriotic Movement-led Strong Lebanon parliamentary bloc on Tuesday said that it is determined to “continue dealing positively” with the cabinet formation process, while stressing that it will not renounce “representation rights and principles.”

In a statement issued after its weekly meeting, held electronically due to the pandemic, the bloc warned against “the use of double standards and the adoption of the policy of maneuvering.”

It also warned that “accusing others, including the bloc’s chief, of obstruction is aimed at covering up for the real obstructors.”

“This behavior is a type of a psychological intimidation aimed at preventing the bloc from voicing its opinion, declaring its stance or practicing its right regarding everything related to the issue of the government’s formation,” the bloc added.

Defending FPM chief Jebran Bassil, the bloc said he has “maintained silence and did not at all take part in the consultations process, out of his desire to facilitate the formation process and give a chance to the president and the PM-designate to agree on a government respecting the unity of standards and comprising ministers capable of implementing the reformist mission.”

“From its constitutional and representative position, the bloc is determined to continue dealing positively, but that does not strip it of its right to consultations, dialogue and taking the stance that it sees appropriate regarding the issue of forming the government or taking part in it,” the bloc added.

“In any case, it will not renounce the rights and principles of representation and the National Pact, which do not at all contradict with the standards of speciality, competency and integrity,” Strong Lebanon stated.



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