Netflix, Amazon Prime Video obtain licenses in Turkey


Netflix and Amazon Prime Video have obtained licenses in Turkey by complying with new online broadcasting rules, the country’s broadcasting authority said on Nov. 4.

The announcement came after a meeting of the Supreme Council of Radio and Television (RTÜK) that evaluated license applications.

Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and some other local streaming services received their licenses valid for 10 years.

Ebubekir Şahin, the head of Turkey’s Radio and Television Supreme Council (RTÜK), said on Twitter: “By complying with new online broadcasting rules, just like local streaming services, international platforms Netflix and Amazon Prime Video obtained licenses in Turkey.”

Local and International online content providers have been continuing their activities with temporary broadcast permits for a while, according to the information obtained by Anadolu Agency.

Among other online broadcasters that received the 10-year licenses are Fizy, TV8, Diyanet TV and Powerapp Music.

In line with the new regulation, the online content providers should get a new license and comply with RTÜK’s guidelines to continue their broadcast in the country.

Hurriyet Daily News


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