Report: Lebanon Advised to ‘Deal’ with Govt Formation because World is Occupied Elsewhere


Lebanon was reportedly advised by international and UN parties to “take over the reins” and form a new government urgently needed to accompany the historic sea border demarcation talks between Lebanon and Israel, al-Joumhouria daily reported on Thursday.

A senior UN official reportedly confirmed to political sources that Lebanon “has no chance but to individually” form a government, noting that world countries are occupied at this stage with their own rapid internal developments, leaving no place for Lebanon on the scale of international concerns, according to the daily.

The latest developments in France over the murder of a teacher have made it reshuffle its priorities, and so did the developments in the United States with the US elections underway, said the daily.

Lebanon, facing a tragic collapse, cannot possibly wait a few weeks more to line up a cabinet.

International and UN parties not only urge the formation of a Lebanese government to start a rescue plan on the economic and financial levels, but because the urgent need necessitates the formation of a government that accompanies the border demarcation negotiations, said the daily.



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