Armenian premier: World War III is on its way in a form of hybrid warfare


YEREVAN, November 9. /ARKA/. World War III is on its way in a form of hybrid warfare, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said in an interview with the German ARD TV channel.

“This war is equally directed against Christians, against Muslims, against Jews,” he said.

Pashinyan explained why he feels that it is directed against Muslims as well.  “Firstly because the wrong image of Muslims is being shaped all over the world. Secondly, illiterate and, let me say, narrow-minded people are being used for specific political objectives, and we just know who does it,” the Armenian premier said.

“We see the same phenomenon in Nagorno-Karabakh, we see the manifestation of the same phenomenon in Vienna, Canada, France, and we see it in Russia with slightly different manifestations. Over the past one month, we have seen several reports of terrorist groups operating in the North Caucasus that have been effectively destroyed by Russia’s law enforcement agencies.
By the way, this proves that this war is equally directed against the Muslims as we see quite a valuable reaction coming from Arab countries, we can see a valuable reaction coming from the Islamic Republic of Iran, because the presence of such individuals in our region is considered as a threat to national security by the Islamic Republic of Iran, as well as by many Arab countries.”

War in Artsakh

Since September 27, Azerbaijani troops have been carrying out military aggression along the entire length of the contact line in Artsakh, conducting artillery and rocket attacks, including against civilians and civilian infrastructures. Strikes were also carried out at civilian and military targets on the territory of Armenia.

The Azerbaijani side is supported by the Turkish Armed Forces and the foreign terrorist mercenaries recruited by it. The Turkish-Azerbaijani aggression encounters a decisive rebuff from the Armenian Armed Forces along the entire frontline.

According to the official reports on the Armenian side, Azerbaijan sustains huge losses in manpower. Its death toll since the beginning of the war is 7,510. Also 262 UAVs, 16 helicopters and 25 aircraft have been downed as well as 749 armored vehicles and 6 TOS units have been destroyed since the beginning of war. More than 1,070 Armenian servicemen have been killed and several hundred people were wounded. As a result of the war crimes committed by Azerbaijan, 50 civilians were killed and 148 wounded in Artsakh.

Since the beginning of the war, there have been three attempts to establish a humanitarian ceasefire. All three agreements, which were reached on October 10 through the mediation of the Russian Federation, on October 17 through France and on October 25 through the mediation of the United States, were violated by Azerbaijan. -0—


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