Artsakh spokesperson: Shushi is completely out of our control, the enemy is on Stepanakert outskirts


Shushi is completely out of the Armenian side control, Azerbaijan is on Stepanakert outskirts, Artsakh president’s spokesperson Vahram Poghosyan wrote on his Facebook.

“To this day, unfortunately, we are forced to admit that a series of failures still haunt us, and the city of Shushi is completely out of our control. And all sorts of hopeful or inspiring propaganda theses about this give us nothing but a loss of sense of reality,” he added.

“If we want Shushi to be ours again, and Artsakh to be preserved, then today you must use all your capabilities to organize a reliable defense of Stepanakert and in other areas of the front. This is the most real and reliable guarantee of success. False calls for victory and speculation on Facebook will gradually lead to the loss of everything,” he said.



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