Educational process in Armenia to resume from November 13


YEREVAN, November 13. /ARKA/. The educational process in Armenia will resume from November 13, the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports said today.

“Against the background of the importance of steps to prevent the spread of coronavirus, it is necessary to ensure the minimum conditions for the functioning of the educational system, especially given the fact that the situation is not expected to be resolved in the near future, and this requires long-term solutions,” the ministry said in a Facebook post.

It said higher, primary, secondary vocational educational institutions will organize distance learning, with the exception of practical classes in some specialties, which should be scheduled for the end of the semester and conducted in strict accordance with the provisions of the order of the Minister of Health dated August 4, 2020.

Also, 5-12 grades in settlements with intra-community transport will work completely remotely. Grades 5-12 in other communities will work in accordance with the order of the head of the Ministry of Health dated September 18, 2020.

Organization of distance learning for grades 1-4 is inappropriate because of its inefficiency, the ministry said. Moreover, given the incomplete implementation of the educational process due to the spread of the new coronavirus since March 2020, and the fact that, according to current forecasts, the pandemic is not expected to retreat in the coming months, distance learning in these classes could lead to the establishment of an additional academic year for students.

According to the ministry, this will have a significant negative impact on the further natural development of tens of thousands of children. Therefore, in these classes, regardless of the location of the educational institution, the educational process will be organized in accordance with the order of the Minister of Health dated September 18, 2020.

Since it is impossible to organize remote work of preschool institutions, and the constant cessation of activities leads to significant negative consequences for the development of children, and also taking into account the fact that in the absence of work of these institutions, many problems arise both for thousands of workers and in the context of social economic difficulties in families, it is proposed to resume the activity of preschool institutions in accordance with Appendix N12 to the order of the Minister of Health of Armenia dated August 4, 2020.

The situation is the same in art and music schools. In this regard, it is also proposed to resume their activities in compliance with the established anti-epidemic rules, in accordance with Appendix 18 to the order of the Minister of Health dated August 4, 2020.

‘At the same time, we consider it a priority to strictly observe the anti-epidemic rules by all participants in the education system,” the ministry said.

It is reported that in this situation, the education system has taken priority steps on the following two important issues. Realization of the right to education of thousands of children who arrived from Artsakh to Armenia; development of children in military and post-war conditions, mental health and provision of necessary assistance.

The Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of Armenia, in cooperation with the Department of Personality Psychology of Yerevan State University and the Association of Child Psychologists, is conducting trainings for teachers of all secondary educational institutions to provide the necessary support to children. An important group of such support are children who moved to Armenia from Artsakh. -0-


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