No change in Iran’s transit route to Armenia, Azerbaijan


Unfortunately, false and misleading information along with fake maps are being released in cyberspace, and claims such as disconnection of Iran’s border with Armenia, creating a corridor inside Armenia or even inside Iran, changing the geopolitics of the region have been raised, which are not based on reality are spread with special political and propaganda purposes, he said.

Referring to the main map of the agreement (pictured), Araghchi said that as can be seen in this map, the discussion of creating a geographical strip along the border between Iran and Armenia, which has been discussed a lot, is completely baseless.

The special envoy of the Iranian president in presenting the Iranian peace plan further noted that “What is stated in the Karabakh ceasefire agreement is the creation of a road corridor, or better to say a transit route, inside Armenia from Nakhchevan to the mainland of Azerbaijan, which is secured by Russia. It will be guaranteed and its exact route is still unknown.

This is not a new idea and has a long history, and if it is implemented, which is accompanied by thousands of ifs and buts, it will not make any change in Iran’s transit routes to Armenia or Azerbaijan, he said.

“However, our consultations with all parties continue. On Wednesday evening, I had a long conversation with the Russian ambassador in Tehran about the issue,” Araghchi said.


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