Armenian National Security Service prevents assassination of the Prime Minister and plot to seize power


Siranush Ghazanchyan  -

The National Security Service of the Republic of Armenia has prevented the assassination of a statesman by a group of persons with prior consent, attempts to seize the powers of the Government of the Republic of Armenia through violence, as well as cases of illegal acquisition and possession of weapons, ammunition, explosives by a group of persons for that purpose.

In particular, the NSS says, a resident of Syunik region identified as A. M., disagreeing with the foreign and domestic policy pursued by the Government of the Republic of Armenia and the Prime Minister, took advantage of the presence of weapons and ammunition in the conflict zone during the hostilities unleashed against the Artsakh Republic on September 27, 2020, entered into a preliminary agreement with a group of people, illegally transported a large amount of weapons, ammunition, explosives, explosive devices and stored them in one of the buildings in the city of Sisian, Syunik region.

“Moreover, during the hostilities and immediately after they ended, the mentioned person reached agreements with leaders of parties operating in Armenia and the Artsakh Republic, politicians with anti-government views, and their supporters to seize power by using illegally possessed weapons and ammunition as a tool of crime, assassinate the Prime Minister and take over the powers of the Government of the Republic of Armenia,” the NSS said, adding that the names of possible candidates to replace the Prime Minister had also been discussed.

The particularly serious crimes being prepared were revealed and thwarted by the National Security Service of the Republic of Armenia.

The leader of the “Hayrenik” (Homeland) Party A. V., former MP, head of the Republican Party of Armenia faction V. B., member of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation A. A., as well as the commander of the Sisian volunteer detachment A. M. have been arrested on suspicion of being involved in the conspiracy. Investigative actions are under way to reveal other members of the group, to prevent and neutralize their criminal activities.

The NSS reminds that a person suspected or accused of an alleged crime is presumed innocent until proven guilty in accordance with the RA Criminal Procedure Code by a court judgment that has entered into force.


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