Residents try to find out what stray dog looking at


Residents of the northwestern province of İzmit have become curious about a stray dog on seeing it examining a sewer hole at certain times every day on one of the business streets of the city.

A discussion started among the residents on seeing the photos showing the dog coming to Fethiye Street and persistently watching over a sewer hole during different times of the day that went viral on social media.

Some social media users thought the dog might have seen an unusual object or was following the movements of a living creature, most likely a kitten or a puppy.

Others have suggested the possibility that smells coming out of the sewer might have caught the dog’s attention.

Local authorities have initiated fieldwork to unravel the mystery.

However, the firefighters, who examined the inside of the sewer hole with special cameras, did not encounter anything unusual during their research.

The dog continued to follow the same spot after about an hour of work as the firefighters replaced the bars of the sewer hole and left the street.

The mystery remains as to why the dog is watching inside the sewer hole so carefully every day.

Hurriyet Daily News


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