Pashinyan: everything that was stolen from people must be returned


YEREVAN, November 17. /ARKA/. Everything that was stolen from the Armenian citizens must be returned, but without vendettas, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said on Monday during an extraordinary parliamentary meeting.
Many Armenians are accusing the authorities of being late in building up the country’s military potential. Some indicate the sources were from the government could take resources for that.

“Today there are many people – former high-ranking officials who are talking about Artsakh and Armenia, but they, who were state officials, have property worth millions of dollars, and this is a known fact. I think that these people have no right to make sentimental statements neither about Armenia, nor about Artsakh,” Pashinyan said, noting that it was they who deprived the country of opportunities.

He stressed that these opportunities had to be created as a result of investments, and they have not been implemented for decades.

The prime minister also noted that he had responsibilities that he took on before the 2018 revolution, promising that there would be no vendetta. He said he tried to create legislative mechanisms that would allow the return of funds stolen from society.

“Today, these mechanisms are already starting to operate, and they must begin to work in order to return the stolen funds and invest them in the organization of public life. There is a public demand, but everything possible must be done so that it does not turn into a vendetta, and I consider this one of the most dangerous risks that we need to manage,” Pashinyan said.


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