Netizens Divided as Mark Zuckerberg Is Dissed in Artificial Intelligence-Eminem Track


by Daria Bedenko

As new technologies improve every year some are genuinely scared of a possible artificial intelligence invasion, while others, on the contrary, feel welcoming about the potential of “AI overlords”.

In a video that one could possibly mistake for an actual Eminem diss of Mark Zuckerberg, artificial intelligence dropped a track in the style of the iconic rapper roasting the Facebook CEO, sparking discussion on topics varying from the quality of the rhymes to the possibility of an AI conquering humanity.

The video was posted on the channel “Calamity Ai” on 17 November. According to the creators, the only thing written in the “Eminem” song by a human is the title – “Mark Zuckerberg Diss in the Style of Eminem”; the AI did everything else.

After that, user 30HZ synthesized and created vocals for the song. According to some netizen comments, the vocals are very similar to those of the actual Eminem.

“Mark Zuckerberg, you little Internet clown. You got a girl’s name, but you’re a man of the buffoons. You think you keep us with that thing that you made, But I don’t use it and I don’t really care. You’re so stupid – you don’t even use it yourself”, the AI roasted Zuckerberg.

However, some of the punchlines turned out to not be that impressive for some.

“‘Your name should be Facebark, because you’re all bark’ DESTROYED”, one of the commentators said.

“These lyrics are a whole new level of garbage. I’m glad humans write raps and not computers. This is Lil Pump levels of bad”, another pointed out.

Others argued that the AI did better than Eminem himself, particularly having a laugh over parts where the AI switches between calling Zuckerberg smart and stupid.

“This is like the best Eminem song in the last 18 years love how he can’t decide if he’s smart or stupid, the duality of a genius”, a user wrote.

There were people who became a fan of the AI rapper.

“Everyone gangsta until the AI pulls up and starts calling your mom fat”, one netizen joked.

“Mark: minding his own business AI: Aight Imma destroy this mans whole career”, another commented.



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