Turkish Military to Be in Karabakh – Ibrahim Kalyn


Baku / 11.22.20 / Turan: In an interview with the NTV channel, the press secretary of the Turkish President Ibrahim Kalyn touched upon the discontent of certain Western circles with the introduction of the Russian military into Nagorno-Karabakh. “Those who express dissatisfaction with the presence of the Russian military in Karabakh, for some reason, keep silent about the presence of a Russian base in Armenia. If you are really unhappy with the Russian troops in the Caucasus, then demand the withdrawal of the Russian base from Armenia. But you don’t have the strength to do that!” said Kalyn.

The press secretary of the Turkish President recalled that when the United States initiated an agreement on a ceasefire in the zone of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, Ankara supported this idea, but the agreement was thwarted. The same goes for France. “Neither NATO nor the EU actually came up with a concrete and realizable proposal on Karabakh, while Moscow and Ankara were able to reach an understanding on the settlement of the 30-year conflict,” Kalyn said.

In his words, the involvement of the Turkish military in the observation mission on Karabakh is also a strategic success of the West, including Europe. The Turkish military is a factor of balance in Karabakh, Syria and Libya, the press secretary stressed.

According to him, negotiations with Russia on the functioning of the Monitoring Center for Karabakh continue. “The first stage of the dialogue is over. The Russian side was informed about Ankara’s position. Now, members of the Russian delegation will receive instructions from the Kremlin. Representatives of the Defense Ministry, Foreign Ministry and special services of Turkey are participating in the dialogue. In the coming days, the place and principles of the Center will be determined. It will be clearly defined who is responsible for what. One way or another, Turkish servicemen will be in the center of Karabakh,” Kalyn stated. He noted that the normalization of the situation in the region meets, first of all, the interests of Armenia itself. At the same time, Kalyn called the transport corridor between Nakhchivan and the rest of Azerbaijan no less important than the liberation of the Azerbaijani lands occupied by Armenia.


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