Armed Man Takes Six Children Hostage in Russia’s St. Petersburg, Source Says

  1. PETERSBURG (Sputnik) – A man has taken six children hostage in the suburbs of St. Petersburg, Russia, a law enforcement source told Sputnik on Tuesday.

“On 24 November 2020 at 12:12 [09:12 GMT], Kolpino police received a call from a local woman … who said that her husband had kicked her out from the flat, had locked himself in there and was holding their six children in the flat”, the Interior Ministry told Sputnik, adding that police rushed to the site.

According to a Sputnik source, the youngest child is only three years old, while the oldest is 15. Police have confirmed the incident and officers are already working at the site.

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​According to preliminary reports, the man has barricaded himself in his own apartment and is requesting that his spouse arrive, threatening to kill all the children. Authorities told the Russian media that the hostage-taker has no previous criminal record.



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