General Aram   Karamanukian


Yerado Dikran Krikorian

Born in 1910 in Giantep One of the first founding officers of the Syrian Arab Army after independence 1946. his father Agob Afandi was a lawyer. In the period of abandonment to Armenians, a large portion of the Karamanukian family was abandoned to Deir Ezzor, and Aram’s family was sent to Hama, where they sheltered under the tents for months, then moved to Sulaymaniyah. While under the tents, his mother taught him Armenian by writing letters on paper and then through the scripture texts because of the lack of books. The family moved to Aleppo after obtaining permission to go from the Ministry of Interior and was assisted by former Representative of the Council of Envoys Harution Afndi Bushkizinian who is also from Antab. Aram entered Al-Amjad School (Haikazian) in Aleppo between 1918-1923, including because of the instability of the family and material reasons Aram could not continue studying between 1923-1928., but he read books in his father’s office and develop his culture and knowledge. Later, he remedied and got his first education at an Armenian school in Aleppo. Then he continued his studies at the French Brotherhood School. He worked for a dentist to train in dentistry in 1924, then his brother helped him pursue his secondary education at the French Brotherhood College in 1928. Meanwhile his father was convinced that there was no return to Giantep, so his father worked at Field of teaching in many schools to secure a living. And then someone participated in a law office. In 1930 Aram dropped out of school and joined the French army. In the spring of 1932, he attended the military college in Damascus after passing the exam, where he graduated in 1934. and was sent to Beirut until 1937 to return to Aleppo and serve in the prosecutor’s squad. He was dispatched to France to follow artillery applications course at Fontello School in France between 1938-1939. and in 1941 he participated in Syria in English-French battles and awarded the Decree of the Cross of French War. In May 1945, it was deployed by the Chief of Staff to follow the course of staff officers at the Higher War School in France. He was assigned several responsibilities in the Syrian army, serving on the Kuneitra Front in 1949 and during 1949 he was sent to France for a six-month military course at the French War High School for Arms. He was appointed a member of the staff in 1949-1950. and also a commander in chief of Syrian artillery forces between 1949-1957. and noteworthy that he participated in the Palestinian war against the Israeli enemy as the commander of the Syrian artillery weapon, and did well and raised to me The rank of a general later. By decision of the Minister of Defense in 12/6/1957, Major General Aram Karamanukian transferred from the battery of the command of artillery to the General Command Regiment and appointed a military attach to the Syrian embassy in Washington from 11/6/1957 Aram served in the army from 8/9/1923 to 2/4/1958, Upgraded to military ranks as follows: Upgraded to lieutenant as of 1/6/1934, raised to lieutenant as of 1/9/1938, raised to the rank of captain as of 1/6/1942, ranked as of 1/6/1942, ranked as of 1/6/1942 From 1/11/1947, raised to the rank of colonel as of 16/4/1949, raised to the rank of dean on 1/7/1953, named a corner officer on 23/6/1953, then raised to the rank of brigade as of 1/8/1956. where it was transferred His hand in the same year is the Syrian Merit Medal of First Class. Karamanukian was chairing military performances held in Damascus on the occasion of Independence Day in the presence of military chiefs and leaders. He is distinguished by his good reputation, good qualities, devotion to his patriotic duty and dedication to work. He received medals and tribute awards from the Syrian, French, Egyptian, Lebanese and Armenian government. In addition to his supervisory role in organizing the army and serving the country, after his retirement, he was elected Deputy for Aleppo in the Constituent and Parliamentary House in 1961. (Aleppo members were 11 Muslims and 5 Christians. His second rank is in the Aleppo list of candidates). Elected a member of the National Defense Committee. In 1964, he followed several courses at the Faculty of Law in Beirut and later moved to Paris to be able to pursue his higher studies at the University of Paris where he was on vacation, despite his illness, he continued to research and full time to study, and got Doctorate of State in General International Rights in 1972, age of 1972 The message was ′′ foreigners and military service ′′ which deals with international rights and penal law. According to the 5-6 issue of the monthly magazine of the Ministry of Defense by Nabil Navori, the thesis is undergoing extensive examination of general international rights regarding military service performed by a foreigner voluntarily or mandatoryly in an army other than an army His country of origin. He was imitated with several fine medals from Syria, Lebanon and Egypt, as he was imitated by the Syrian government, the medal of merit, the medal of war and the medal of Palestinian war. France gave him a medal of honor as a war officer. The Lebanese government gave him the medal of entitlement. He was imitated by all Armenian Catholicos in Armenia, Wissam ′′ Narcisse Shnorhali ′′ and by Catholicos Pete Kelikia in Lebanon, and the medal of ′′ Knight Kelikia “. He reportedly was a sports fan as he participated and participated Activities of ′′ Club Lake ′′ Aleppo branch for football matches. One of the schools in (Nour Antab), near Yerevan, is named after Major General Aram Karamanukian. He died in New York in 1996 at age 86 According to his will, part of his remains was transferred to Yerevan (Armenia) to be buried alongside his brother Levon, and the other part was transferred to Aleppo to be buried at the Armenian Orthodox cemetery in Aleppo in the presence of a crowd of leaders and events. He participated actively in the life of Armenians and was one of the founders of the Armenian Youth Charity Association in Aleppo, and served as chairman of the advisory body of the Kulpinkian Educational Foundation and had many entries in the newspaper ′′ Al Furat “. Major General Aram Karamanukian, is the officer The first Syrian Armenian who took over a leadership role, and served the Syrian army for 32 years with honor, loyalty and honor to the date of his retirement.


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