Khalaf Launches ‘Recover the State’ Rescue Campaign


The head of the Beirut Bar Association, Melhem Khalaf, announced on Monday the launch of a campaign to “recover the State” from the current political authority, setting the foundations for the move.

“The principles of this initiative are insofar an implementation of the constitution, and is based on the scale of the people’s pains and hopes,” said Khalaf at the opening of the campaign launch.

Khalaf asserted that the campaign is open for constructive debate.

In strong worded remarks, Khalaf added: “We will not accept the continued collapse of the state and attrition, we will restore the State together,” he emphasized.

Lebanon is grappling with an unprecedented economic and financial crisis that sparked mass anti-government protests, adding to the repercussions of a colossal Beirut port explosion, and an outbreak of coronavirus pandemic.

The crisis is largely blamed on decades of systematic corruption and mismanagement by Lebanon’s ruling class.

Lebanese politicians missed a French initiative to help Lebanon steer out of the crisis. They were unable to agree on a crisis Cabinet capable of implementing reforms in order to unlock international assistance for the crisis-ridden country.

Horse-trading among political factions is common in Lebanon. They remain deadlocked on which faction gets to have what key portfolio.



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