Nubar Avian Covid-19 vaccine finder


by Ara Sofalian

Nubar was born to an Armenian family who survived the annihilation, lived in Lebanon, the grandfather of the family is probably the survivor of the annihilation, and most likely grew up and left the orphanage and married and became a family for him… This is the case of most Armenian families in Lebanon where he did not Complete families arrive from extermination to Lebanon.

The family had to leave Lebanon after the Lebanese civil war in the s and migrated to Canada… and from Canada settled in the United States.

Nubar Avian has established multiple projects within his competence – Biology, Cell Sciences, Communicable Diseases, Immunology, and vaccines.

In a race against time, he recently worked to find a vaccine for Covid-19, President Donald Trump encouraged him and put all his trust in him on advice from his fellow doctors, and Trump allocated hundreds of millions of dollars to support a project Nubar Avian science and the research was going on in progress in Moderna laboratories… Professor Nubar Avian came up with the vaccine and taught Trump who was facing trouble in his campaign and Trump asked Avian to corner the matter a little bit. Trump intended to surprise the American people by getting the vaccine… This only few hours delay was in honor of those who encouraged the Armenian world and allocated hundreds of millions of dollars to pursue his research, resulted in another vaccine made in Germany, Thus, because the lesson in patenting vaccines is based on the time of disclosure, Germany’s vaccine was declared the first and Moderna’s laboratory vaccine is the second, Nubar Avian lost the title sincerely from Armenian to his president by hundreds of millions of dollars… Knowing that the news was supposed to be revealed to the American people and all the peoples of the world without consulting the president, mentioning the white hands of the president that led to this reveal… That would have been the best behavior.

The video was quoted from Arabic, and an impromptu addition from the presenter comes, which is not thoughtful and not in place… The addition is at the end of the video for those who like to see it:

The two German scientists who reached the vaccine were German of Turkish origin and Moderna laboratories that discovered another serum is for Armenian scientist Nobar Avian… The presenter added that Armenians and Turks are fighting in Artsakh while scientists Turks and Armenians are competing elsewhere and fighting for what benefits.

You fell out of my eyes, the presenter in Arabic, and without knowing your name, I fell a loud fall, and I know that leaving what your boss writes and improvisation and disclosure exposes you to the abyss and falling out of people’s eyes, as Armenians do not work in what is not useful… Artsakh, as in Moderna’s laboratories in America, they work useful, the liberation of the country, the presenter, is useful and more useful and is worth much more than those who are like you and your silly smile, O light of Andalusia that came after improvising you Silly

Ara Sofalian

Humanitarian writer and researcher in the Armenian affairs

24 / 11 / 2020

[email protected]



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