Russian Destroyer Issues Warning to American Ship USS John McCain for Violating Border


The incident occurred in the Peter the Great Gulf in the Sea of Japan, according to the Russian Ministry of Defence. The American side has not addressed the situation so far.

“The large anti-submarine ship of the Pacific Fleet Admiral Vinogradov stopped the US Navy destroyer John McCain, which was violating the Russian border in the Peter the Great Gulf”, an official statement issued by the MoD says. “Admiral Vinogradov, which was tracking the US destroyer, warned the foreign vessel, through an international communications channel, of the inadmissibility of such actions and of the potential of resorting to ramming to force the violator out of territorial waters”.

According to the authorities, the American ship was at least two kilometres past the border. After the warning was issued, the USS John McCain returned to neutral waters.

Following the incident, the Russian Navy dispatched the corvette Sovershenny (“Perfect”) to the area.



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