Turkish nationalists will be involved in Erdoğan reform process – columnist


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan will involve his far-right nationalist political allies in a new reform process for the economy and democracy, a Turkish columnist said on Tuesday.

Strengthening the rule of law and legal changes to secure capital and property rights and to encourage foreign and domestic investors will be the two main pillars of the process and Erdoğan’s Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) allies in parliament should be involved to ensure its success, said Abdülkadir Selvi, columnist for the Hürriyet newspaper.

The MHP’s involvement is crucial, both for securing the required political support and for avoiding a potential political conflict between the two allies, Selvi said.

Domestic pollical and economic reforms, restoring good relations with the European Union and working on strengthening the rule of law would be key in determining the results of presidential and parliamentary elections in 2023, said Selvi.

Erdoğan announced a new reform process focused on strengthening the economy and democracy last week, with particular emphasis on human rights and the rule of law.



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