Geagea Urges Calm in Bsharri, Says Debating New Electoral Law a Conspiracy


Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea on Tuesday extended condolences to the residents of the northern town of Bsharri, his hometown and political bastion, over the killing of the young man Joseph Tawk at the hands of a Syrian worker.

Calling on authorities to carry out the investigations as soon as possible, Geagea called on the state to “conduct a comprehensive survey of those in the region in search of any illegal arms,” while stressing that the Bsharri region is “under the law.”

He also urged residents not to “carry out any act outside the law” and to “await the investigations,” expressing his “full confidence” in the judiciary.

Turning to politics during the same press conference, Geagea said the current parliamentary majority must form the new government.

“If it does not want to form it, nor to resign, then this majority would be committing the biggest crime against the people and the coming generation will hold it accountable,” the LF leader added.

He also said that parliament’s inclination to study a new electoral law is “nothing but a conspiracy,” while noting that the LF-led Strong Republic bloc has decided to take part in Wednesday’s parliamentary session.

As for the controversy over the forensic audit of the central bank’s accounts, Geagea said: “Everyone is in cahoots with everyone to prevent the forensic audit.”

“We are keen on the audit so that it targets all state institutions, and it is not a luxury but rather necessary and essential,” Geagea went on to say.

He also said that he was hoping that Central Bank Governor Riad Salameh would “take the initiative.”



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