Strong Lebanon Warns against Tipping ‘National Balance’ in Govt., Parliament


The Strong Lebanon parliamentary bloc, which is led by the Free Patriotic Movement, on Tuesday warned against “using the dire economic situation as an excuse to tamper with national balances and unity” in the formation of the new government.

In a statement issued after a weekly e-meeting chaired by FPM chief MP Jebran Bassil, the bloc also deplored “the protracted slowness in the cabinet formation process,” noting that the reasons behind the delay have become known to the public opinion.

“These reasons, with both the domestic and external aspects, are unacceptable, seeing as nothing prevents forming the government considering it is a sovereign national decision,” Strong Lebanon added.

Separately, the bloc rejected calls for changing the current electoral law, noting that it “corrected parliamentary representation” after “long years of struggle.”

“Any discussion of this issue will not be acceptable by us unless it is part of an integrated solution to improve the system and amend the constitution, through establishing a civil state with all its requirements and endorsing broad administrative and financial decentralization,” the bloc said.



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