Geagea Says LF Won’t Coordinate with FPM on Any File


The Lebanese Forces will not coordinate with the Free Patriotic Movement on any file because it believes that the FPM “is an inseparable part of the current parliamentary majority,” LF chief Samir Geagea said Tuesday.

“It accordingly bears major responsibility for the current situation,” Geagea added at a press conference, while stressing that “there is no understanding at all with President Michel Aoun.”

Turning to the issue of parliament’s decision to call for a sweeping forensic audit of the central bank and all ministries and public institutions, Geagea said that some officials would be “very mistaken” if they believe that they can “waste time” in this regard.

“We will follow up on this file until the end and at the moment the ball is in the caretaker PM’s court and he has to act,” the LF leader added.



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