Aoun Urges Govt. to be More Active, Defense Council Calls for Extending Mobilization


President Michel Aoun on Thursday called on the caretaker government to be more active as the Higher Defense Council recommended a three-month extension of the anti-virus general mobilization.

“The current situation in the country is an extraordinary situation that requires extraordinary follow-up,” Aoun said at a Higher Defense Council meeting, urging “decisions to address this critical situation in the country.”

He also noted that “the current circumstances sometimes require some expansion of the caretaker actions of the resigned government in order to meet the country’s needs pending the formation of the new government.”

The Higher Defense Council later recommended the extension of the anti-virus state of general mobilization until March 31.

The Council also called on military and security agencies to maintain full readiness to secure the upcoming holidays period and to “take the necessary measures to preserve security and stability.”



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