We have to return atmosphere of tolerance, mutual respect – President Sarkissian addresses nation


YEREVAN, DECEMBER 6, ARMEPRESS. President of Armenia Armen Sarkissian addressed the nation, noting that the state and the people are in deep post-war crisis and everything should be done for overcoming it. As ARMENPRESS was informed from the press service of the President’s Office, the address runs as follows,

‘’Dear compatriots,

Today our state and our public, we all are in a deep post-war crisis. This has to be recorded without any hesitation, without deceiving ourselves, and, at the same time, without despair. We must fully comprehend and accept the existence of this crisis and do everything we can to overcome it, together, hand in hand.

Regardless of the position we hold, our political beliefs and views, our personal likes and dislikes, we must think about the future of our state, country and people.

Each of us has the right to express his opinion, dissatisfaction and demand an explanation from the authorities for the enormous human-territorial losses caused to us by the war.

The Government cannot act in the spirit of the public moods of 2018. Today’s reality is totally different.

In these tense and difficult days, I appeal to all of you: your every action must be in accordance with the law, it must be legal.

I also appeal to the representatives of the law enforcement bodies: maintaining order is important. At the same time, remember that in front of you, in the streets of Yerevan, is our compatriot, one of us, woman or man, young or old. Among them there are people who a few days ago defended the homeland, each of us, you.

Any violence, disproportionate use of force and measures is inadmissible and unacceptable. In your actions you must show responsibility, high human-professional qualities.

Today we need groundbreaking decisions. Solutions must be within the framework of national consent. We must be able to restore the atmosphere of tolerance, mutual respect, to bring together all the positive and vital qualities of our people, to turn them into a collective force, which will be the guarantee of our future success. The activity of the President and Presidential Institute is aimed at that very goal.

God bless us all. ”



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