Pashinyan Not to Resign, with Support of Russia


Baku / 07.12.20 / Turan: The political situation in Armenia is going through interesting metamorphoses. Moscow, which succeeded in removing Prime Minister Pashinyan, now actively supports him. Suffice it to recall the public statements of the Russian President that Pashinyan is not a traitor, that he defended the interests of Armenia and held out to the end.

The Prime Minister himself, in his today’s address to the public, said he would not yield to opposition pressure and would not resign and would not allow early parliamentary elections, as the opposition demands.

Recall that 17 political parties put forward an ultimatum to Pashinyan and even elected an interim prime minister in the person of Vazgen Manukyan.

Meanwhile, the Russian troops stationed in Armenia have been brought to a high alert state, and Russian fighters fly over Yerevan every day.

Representatives of the Russian Armed Forces explain this with the need to control the situation against the background of the fact that certain forces in Armenia want to destabilize it.

Observers explain Moscow’s “concern” for Pashinyan simply: Russia does not want the breakdown of the agreements on Karabakh and the West’s interference in these affairs. For this it is necessary to preserve the current government in Armenia. Temporarily.


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