Armenia’s poverty level in 2019 was 26.4 percent


YEREVAN, December 8. /ARКА/. The poverty level in Armenia at the end of 2019 was 26.4%, according to the National Statistical Committee NSC).

It said the poverty rate was calculated using a new methodology. To assess the level of poverty consumption expenditures were used, which reflect more accurately the level of well-being of citizens.

According to the NSC report, the poverty line in Armenia in 2019 per adult was 53,043 drams ($110.3), the upper line was 35,054 drams ($72.9), the lower line was 23,763 drams ($49.4) and the extreme line was 44,048 drams ($91.7).

The report also provides an estimate of the depth of poverty (10.1% for 2019), which shows the poverty gap, that is, how much the average income of the poor is below the poverty level. It also shows that if the state could mobilize resources in the amount of 10.1%, providing them to targeted poor households only, theoretically poverty would disappear, assuming that the aid actually reached out the poor.

The severity of poverty reflects the measure of inequality in consumption among the poor. This indicator was estimated at 3.4% at the end of 2019.

In a 2019 survey, 13% of respondents considered themselves poor (compared to an estimated 26.4% for the consumption aggregate). One percent of the respondents considered themselves extremely poor, which is close to the level of extreme poverty, assessed by the consumption indicator (1.4%). ($1 – 510 AMD).


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