France Recognizes Territorial Integrity of Azerbaijan – Ambassador


Baku / 08.12.20 / Turan: France will continue to support international law, UNSC and principles of OSCE Group of Minsk, including the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan and the countries of the region, self-determination and equal rights. The French Ambassador to Baku Zachary Gross wrote about this on Twitter today.

«Many questions will arise as refugees and IDPs from both sides return to the region. There will be challenges and opportunities.

This has been a fateful year for Azerbaijan and Armenia, with 2 open conflicts in July and this autumn. Azerbaijan has recovered the 7 districts surrounding N-Karabagh and the city of Choucha. Many lives were lost on both sides. Russian forces are now on the ground in NK.

The time has come to prepare for peace, put an end to hatred and strengthen trust, prosperity and stability in the region,” the Ambassador said.


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