Arslan Says Hariri’s 18-Seat Line-Up Aggrieves Druze Sect

Talal Arslan, a politician from the tiny Druse sect, speaks during a press conference as he announces his resignation from the new cabinet within hours after it was announced he was named to the post of state minister without portfolio, at his house in Khaldeh south of Beirut, Lebanon, on Monday June 13, 2011. Hezbollah and its allies took a dominant role in Lebanon's new government announced on Monday, putting the Iranian-backed militant group at the helm of a Western-leaning country that until recently was considered a key regional ally of the U.S. (AP Photo)

Lebanese Democratic Party leader MP Talal Arslan on Wednesday slammed a cabinet line-up submitted by PM-designate Saad Hariri to President Michel Aoun as unfair for the Druze community.

“The PM-designate’s proposal for an 18-minister government is injustice, prejudice and unfairness against the Druze sect, one of the founders of the Lebanese entity, whose rights to participation in the state are also being marginalized,” Arslan tweeted.

“We warn those involved in this injustice of the consequences and I call on all the representatives of the Druze sect to reject this approach and not to be dragged behind personal interests at the expense of the sect’s higher interest, which should come before any consideration,” Arslan added.

“Or else the coming days will be more difficult and regret will be then of no use,” the LDP leader warned.

In an 18-seat government, the Druze sect is entitled to only one seat, which will likely go to someone close to the Progressive Socialist Party and not Arslan’s LDP.



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