Black magic may be reason behind attack on animals, suggests veterinarian


People could be chopping the paws of cats and dogs for black magic, a veterinarian in the southeastern province of Diyarbakır has suggested after such recent incidents.

Vet Nurhan Kahraman’s comments came after news of the paws of a cat, named “Melek” (Angel in Turkish), having been chopped off. The cat died despite medical efforts to bring her back to life.

“When the cat was brought to me, its two legs were amputated. It was not due to an accident. The skin of the legs was studiously removed. It was done on purpose,” said Kahraman, stressing that the cut paws were not found.

“Someone who did this took the legs. So, this reminds us of one thing that could be the cause of the attack: Sorcery,” she added.

She also stressed that lately a puppy named “Pamuk” (Cotton in Turkish) was attacked in the Black Sea province of Samsun and its two legs were chopped.

Tuba Göklü, a health technician working for the veterinarian, said she has witnessed such attacks on animals for sorcery in her past experience working with pets.

“When I was working in [western province of] İzmir, we met someone who called himself a psychic. He said he was able to read minds with blood he used to remove from pigeons,” she said.

Göklü stressed that what she saw was “ferocity and ignorance.”

“Unfortunately, we could not save Melek. With this situation, I have once more witnessed another sorcery-inspired attack. Superstitious beliefs show us how the public stays uneducated,” she added.

On Dec. 5, a doctor found the cat in her apartment basement shouting in pain and brought the cat directly to Kahraman. The veterinarian made the first aid and named the cat ‘Melek.’ However, the cat could only live for a day as it had lost a lot of blood.

Hurriyet Daily News


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