Video Purportedly Showing Aftermath of Road Incident in East London Posted Online


A number of people have been injured following a ramming incident in the London district of Hackney on Friday.

A video allegedly showing the aftermath of a car having mounted the pavement and ramming into pedestrians in the Stamford Hill area of Hackney, in East London, has emerged online.

A car has reportedly ploughed into pedestrians in the Stamford Hill area of Hackney, East London, leaving several injured.

— Active-Patriot (@PatriotActive66) December 11, 2020

Emergency services including ambulance and fire brigades promptly arrived at the scene.

According to witnesses’ accounts cited by the British media, one end of a bus shelter was visibly smashed, and further down the street, a grey car was seen hitting a tree.

At this stage, Scotland Yard is not treating it as a terrorist attack, with their spokesperson adding they are awaiting further updates on the exact number of those injured. Paramedics are in the meantime treating the people who were seen lying on the pavement in the wake of the incident.

Police have cordoned off the stretch of the main road where the incident took place, saying no arrests have been made yet. An investigation is currently underway.



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