Invasion of Snakes Threatening Millions of Australians


by Maxim Minaev

Southeastern Queensland and northern New South Wales were hit by heavy rains over the weekend, with devastating winds, abnormally high tides and dangerous surf. Now, the country which lost a war with its emus is facing a reptilian invasion on the home front.

Australians living in Southeast Queensland and New South Wales were warned to shut their windows and cover the gaps in their doors as rains and severe weather could force snakes to move out of the bushes and into their houses, according to the Daily Mail.

“When we get a little bit of rain, snakes go underground and sit in their hiding holes and wait for the rain to go away,” Noosa-based snake catcher Luke Huntley said as quoted by the Daily Mail Australia.

“But when we get lots and lots of rain all those holes fill up with water so then the snakes are out in the open and they’ve got to find somewhere warm and dry,” he added.

According to reports, Australian snake catchers in the area have received many calls for help as reptiles invade people’s houses.



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