Details of the capture of 60 Armenian soldiers – Armenian media (UPDATED)

43 / 17.12.20 / Turan: In the afternoon on December 16, information and photos appeared in the Armenian media about the capture of 60 Armenian soldiers near Hadrut. At the same time, the Azerbaijani military handed over part of the Armenian military – 30 people to the Russian peacekeepers. This happened after two days of fighting near the villages of Khin Tager and Khtsaberd, relatives of the captured Armenian soldiers said.

“20 days ago, a group of volunteers was taken and placed at posts near the villages of Khin Tager and Khtsaberd. The day before yesterday the Azerbaijani Armed Forces attacked, some of them were surrounded,” the brother of one of the Armenian soldiers told Sputnik Armenia.

According to him, bad weather conditions, in particular – thick fog saved the detachment from virtually complete destruction. When the fog cleared, it turned out that about 600 Azerbaijani soldiers attacked the Armenian positions. “One of them came to us and said that he did not want to kill them, because of their small number. He suggested either continuing the fighting or escorting the Armenian military to the Russian peacekeepers,” he said.

In a video posted on the Internet, where the Armenians are accompanied by Azerbaijani soldiers, are those who were handed over to the peacekeepers. As for the fate of the rest of the Armenian soldiers, the man supposed that they died or were captured. One of the released soldiers noted that the Azeri special purpose forces “Yashma” fought against them. The Armenian side publishes a photo in which the Armenian prisoners without weapons are escorted by the Azerbaijani military.

The Azerbaijani Defense Ministry does not comment on the reports on the capture of the Armenian military. However, on December 16, the Ministry of Defense distributed a video from the taken under control of the village of Boyuk Taglar (Khin Tager).


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