Live Updates: Russian President Putin Holds Year-End Press Conference


The Russian president is speaking via a video link and is taking questions not only from journalists but also ordinary Russians, after the 2020 “Direct Line” Q&A session was scrapped due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is holding his annual press conference with a “Direct Line” session, answering dozens of questions from journalists and ordinary people from around the country.

This year, the president is taking questions live from his Novo-Ogaryovo residence due to the coronavirus pandemic, while journalists and photographers are located in several press centres.

During the conference, the 16th of its kind, Putin traditionally answers questions related to Russia’s economy, social policies, national projects, and problems of certain regions, as well as questions regarding the country’s foreign policy.

The final press conference of the year is expected to take 3-4 hours, as it has since 2004.



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