US too early to call it a ‘D-Day’ in COVID-19 fight

By Li Qingqing Source: Global Times

US virus fight Illustration: Liu Rui/GT

Is a “D-Day” of the COVID-19 coming? Some narcissistic American people believe so. NBC News on Monday published a report about a nurse in New York who is among the first batch in the US to receive a COVID-19 vaccine.

The report said the “prick of a needle” could be a “decisive turn” of the COVID-19 fight, comparing it to the D-Day landing in Normandy in 1944 – widely believed to be a turning point in World War II.

Has the US regarded itself as the main force fighting against the pandemic? The US has experienced a series of crushing defeats in the COVID-19 fight, and the country’s death toll from the coronavirus just topped 300,000 on Monday. Now, by calling it a “D-Day,” it seems Washington is trying to take credit. How ridiculous.

With the performance of its COVID-19 fight, doesn’t the US feel embarrassed to call it a “D-Day”? Besides, the vaccine’s effect in controlling the COVID-19 has not been proved. The US, as the most powerful country, owns abundant medical resources. But unexpectedly, the country suffered from a major defeat in front of the epidemic. Instead of calling it a “D-Day,” the US should feel awkward for its COVID-19 “Pearl Harbor moment” or a “Chernobyl moment.”

The COVID-19 epidemic has not demonstrated the US’ leadership worldwide. Just the opposite, it has completely exposed how selfish the US is. The US not only failed to unite its allies and partners to coordinate and deal with the coronavirus, but even acted arbitrarily and imposed bad influences on the global COVID-19 fight.

The US cannot squarely face such a defeat. It has tried to exaggerate its role in achieving victory in Europe during WWII. Likewise, the country is trying to manipulate international public opinion in the global COVID-19 fight today.

The US submitted a failed test of the COVID-19 fight and refused to fight the epidemic in a scientific way, but now used the word “D-Day” to portray the situation. However, history will not be recorded according to the US’ description. Most countries will give an objective evaluation of this global COVID-19 fight.

The US’ global leadership has not shown any real effect in this fight against the pandemic. In fact, the US has dragged down the global fight. The US has hardly done anything practical to actively combat the coronavirus. Instead, Washington has pinned all its hopes on the vaccination in the country, which is hastily launched. The US should not be complacent about its power in the past. Has the epidemic in the US entered a turning point? It is too early to declare right now.


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