Families of civilians killed in Nagorno-Karabakh war and those who became disabled to get financial assistance


YEREVAN, December 22. /ARKA/. Armenia’s Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs unveiled today the amount of one-time assistance to be provided to the families of those civilians who were killed or became disabled as a result of the war in Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh).

Deputy minister Anna Zhamkochyan told a news conference that the assistance will be provided to those whose disability category has already been determined.

Thus, people with first disability category will receive 3 million drams (about $5.8 thousand), those with second category- 2 million drams (about $3.9 thousand) and those with third category disability – one million drams (about $2 thousand.

The assistance program was approved by the government. The deputy minister also said that three million dram assistance (about $5.8 thousand) is set for children who received disabilities as a result of military operations in Artsakh.

The families of the killed civilians will receive a lump sum payment of 5 million drams. Moreover, this amount can be received either by one of the family members with the consent of the others, or divided among all members.

Zhamkochyan noted that at the moment the beneficiaries of this program are about 220-226 people, but the list may change if civilians appear to be among the captives and missing persons.

“Payments will start in January. The families of the victims will receive assistance immediately, and in case of injury, they will need to undergo a medical examination to determine the group of disability,”Zhamkochyan said.

She said electronic applications can be filled out now by visiting the e-request.am platform or the official website of the Ministry of Social Affairs at mlsa.am. The money will be transferred to the beneficiary’s bank account starting from January 2021.

Citizens can receive more detailed information and the list of necessary documents by calling 114. The payment will be refused to those citizens who will not be able to prove that their injuries and disabilities were received as a result of military actions in Artsakh after September 27.

According to another program of assistance, the families of the missing servicemen will receive assistance. In particular, before determining the specific status of the missing, they will be provided monthly with 300 thousand drams (about $600) for a maximum of 6 months.


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