Istanbul’s narrowest street only 89 centimeters, says historian


The narrowest street in Istanbul on records is in Kuruçeşme neighborhood of the Beşiktaş district and it is only 89 centimeters in width that two people cannot walk side by side, a city historian said on Dec. 20.

“There are narrow passages all around Istanbul, however this one, Alaylı Street, is an official street that has been on records,” Mehmet Dilbaz said.

“At the entrance of the street, you can see the official sign of the street,” he added.

According to the historian, the metropolis is a magnificent place where you should walk around on foot to explore its every detail. One of the interesting details is the Alaylı street, he said.

“Especially nearby the Süleymaniye Mosque there are small passages or small roads inside the ancient commercial blocks. But Alaylı Street is the formal one,” Dilbaz stated.

The narrowest street is also one of the must-go places in the city for shutterbugs. Yunus Tatlı, a local, said that people come to the region just to take photos in front of the street.

“Normally on weekends, the region is full of people taking photos. You know, for us, the street is just a passage we use to reach the seaside. But it is unusual for others,” said Tatlı.

Hurriyet Daily News


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