Security Forces Reportedly Find Joe Bejjani’s Phone


by Naharnet Newsdesk -Lebanese security forces have reportedly managed to find the cellphone of slain young man Joe Bejjani — an Alfa employee and freelance photographer who was gunned down Monday morning outside his home in Kahale.

“Security forces found Bejjani’s phone in the town of Qmatiyeh” in Aley district, al-Jadeed TV quoted security sources as saying.

“It is not known whether the culprits deliberately threw it in this town or that it fell from them,” the sources added.

Earlier in the day, al-Jadeed reported that security agencies had also collected footage from the CCTV cameras that were pointed to the route that was likely taken by the gunmen.

Media reports have said that Bejjani, 36, was one of the first photographers who arrived at Beirut’s port to take pictures after the devastating August 4 blast. Reports also said that he worked with foreign investigators probing the incident.

CCTV footage of Bejjani’s murder shows two men arriving on foot and one of them shooting him as he was in his car, which was parked near his home. The second assailant then grabs something from the car, likely Bejjani’s cellphone, before fleeing the scene along with his companion.

According to reports, Bejjani was preparing to emigrate to Canada after having obtained the necessary visas days before the crime.


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