Center House Sources Slam ‘Bats of the Palace’


Information “leaked from the Baabda Palace” prior to PM-designate Saad Hariri’s visit on Tuesday created a “negative atmosphere” prior to the meeting with President Michel Aoun, Center House sources said.

“The positive atmosphere that PM-designate Hariri spoke of followed a direct request from President Aoun, who urged him to make a statement about the presence of positivities that needed completion,” al-Jadeed TV quoted the sources as saying on Wednesday, following a second meeting between Aoun and Hariri.

“But the bats of the palace moved at night to disrupt the atmosphere and prepare for a new round of complication, as has been the case since the designation” of Hariri, the sources added.

The sources accordingly cautioned the Lebanese public opinion of “attempts to distort facts that are being launched by some associates, advisers and specialists in political and constitutional obstruction.”

“Hariri has not and will not back down from the stance that he announced prior and after designation on the need for the formation of a government of specialists that conducts reforms in all sectors and halts the economic and social collapse,” the sources added.

“Any attempt to impose a government to which partisan orientations sneak will not succeed, no matter how much they try,” the sources stressed.


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