Reports on Azerbaijani war crimes sent to Prosecutor’s offices of different countries

35 Ghazanchyan

Reports on war crimes of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces have been sent to the Prosecutor’s Offices and Police bodies of the states that have general jurisdiction, Human Rights Defender Arman Tatoyan informs.

“These reports refer to the torture of our compatriots by the Azerbaijani armed forces, including beheadings, inhuman treatment, mutilation of the bodies of the victims, amputations, etc.,” Tatoyan said in a Facebook post.

Along with the reports, 223 pieces of objective evidence were presented to the law enforcement agencies of those countries: videos and photos, detailed analysis of that evidence.

According to the Ombudsman, 103 videos were translated from Azerbaijani or Turkish into English and Russian, and translations with subtitles were placed in the videos, all possible identifications were made in the videos. The logo of the Human Rights Defender of Armenia was attached to the videos as a sign of authenticity.

Furthermore, 120 photos were analyzed, including those related to the illegal access to social network accounts of our prisoners of war by the Azerbaijani military and their illegal management.

The following main questions were included in the reports:

1) premeditated murder of prisoners of war, civilians and wounded;
2) torture and inhuman treatment of prisoners of war and civilians;
3) insult to the bodies of the victims;
4) use of jihadists and terrorists in the war against Artsakh;
5) use of weapons of mass destruction containing chemical elements;
6) Illegal management of social networks of prisoners of war on the Armenian side by the Azerbaijani military.


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