Azerbaijan Armed Forces entered the village of Shurnukh

150 The village of Shurnukh in the historical Zangezur region (later renamed to Syunik), where delimitation work is being carried out, came under the control of Azerbaijan, the Caucasian Bulletin reports.

The relevant information was confirmed by the villagers on Facebook. “There is already a post in the village,” the message says. It clarifies that the deadline is scheduled for January 5.

The head of the Shurnukh village, Hakob Arshakyan, stated that the Azerbaijani military occupied part of this settlement in the Syunik region of Armenia, Sputnik-Armenia reports.

“It’s all over. Azerbaijanis, Russians, our border guards have arrived. They gave a deadline by January 5, they will set up posts in the middle of the village,” he said.

He stressed that the Azerbaijani troops and the Russian border guards who arrived at the site refer to the map of the General Staff of the USSR Armed Forces from 1942.

“We also have this map, and there the border passes under the village, and not through the territory of the village. But there is no one to tell them about it … It seems that the building of the village library is going to them,” Arshakyan said.

At the end of December, representatives of the Azerbaijani troops demanded to give them part of the Shurnukh village within 24 hours. In protest against the inaction of the Armenian authorities, local residents blocked the highway from Goris to Kafan for several hours. Official Baku does not comment on the situation.

Earlier, after the liberation from the long-term Armenian occupation of the Lachin region of Azerbaijan during the demarcation and delimitation of the borders between Armenia and Azerbaijan, some areas in the Zangezur region  passed to the Azerbaijani side.


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