Diab: Strict Measures Must be Considered to Counter Virus


Caretaker Prime Minister Hassan Diab said on Monday that quick measures along with a lockdown must be imposed to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

“The situation is completely different today. We have implemented all possible measures needed at the State level but people’s commitment was not positive. Unfortunately some people still don’t see how dangerous this virus is,” said Diab during the ministerial committee meeting.

“Confronting this epidemic cannot be implemented through theoretical measures and procedures on the street only. We can close the country, and we can impose a curfew, but we cannot have a policeman to follow every person,” said the PM.

Diab said the imposition of a lockdown “is not enough, it must be paralleled with very quick steps to contain the situation. We have a very difficult situation ahead. Strict and exceptional measures must be taken,” he added.

Authorities in Lebanon are weighing the possibility of a total lockdown after a sharp increase in cases following the holidays.



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