Greece Sends Additional Humanitarian Aid to Armenia

41 Nick Kampouris
Greece sends a second planeload of humanitarian aid to Armenia. Credit: Spokesperson of MFA of Armenia / Twitter

Greece sent a massive planeload of humanitarian aid to Armenia destined for the victims of the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict in Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) on Saturday.

Organizations such as the Armenian Blue Cross of Greece, the Armenian Charity Cross, and the Armenian Relief Society coordinated this colossal effort.

The Greek Government and the Armenian Embassy in Greece supported this action, by facilitating the whole procedure.

Second Humanitarian Aid to Armenia

The transfer of tons of aid consisting of medical supplies and food was the second one in less than a month.

In December, the Greek Ministry of National Defense provided a transport aircraft, which landed in Armenia to assist the nation.

The aid of December and January is primarily aimed towards the thousands of Armenians who became refugees after they were forced to abandon their homes at Artsakh following the Azeri military attack.

Following the recent ceasefire signed between Armenia and Azerbaijan, thousands of ethnic Armenians who used to live in the contested region of Nagorno-Karabach left their homes and lands.

The Azeri government took control of these lands in mid-December 2020.


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