Hariri Tweets on ‘Cheating’ after Aoun Caught Accusing Him of ‘Lying’


Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri on Monday tweeted a bible verse about “cheating” after President Michel Aoun was caught on camera saying the PM-designate has “lied” about being given a cabinet line-up “paper” by the president.

“There is no formation. He says that we gave him a paper. He’s lying,” Aoun tells caretaker PM Hassan Diab in remarks caught by al-Jadeed TV’s camera. The president’s answer came in response to a question by Diab about the cabinet formation process.

“He has made statements containing lies and now notice how much he has been absent. Notice how much the luck of the Lebanese is bad, and now he has gone to Turkey, I don’t know what difference that will make,” Aoun added in the leaked remarks.



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