‘This Time She Crossed The Line’: Netizens Want to Cancel Belle Delphine Over New Raunchy Photos


by Max Gorbachev

The South Africa-born viral personality, whose real name is Mary-Belle Kirschner, rose to Internet fame after she started selling her bath water for “sentimental purposes” at $30 a bottle. After a long disappearance, she returned with even more provocative videos, and even started career in the sex industry.

Blogger-turned-adult film actress Belle Delphine has caused a stir on social media, with netizens calling for the cancellation of the young woman after she posted raunchy photos on Twitter. The images show Belle’s alleged boyfriend kidnapping her and driving her to the forest, where the couple have sex. “My perfect first date <3”, read a caption on the blogger’s post.

TW// Rape

Every time Belle Delphine trends it gets worse pic.twitter.com/SAjR8uPobL

— Kuma (@Asstronau_t) January 12, 2021

​The photoshoot was strongly condemned by many social media users.

Yeeeaaahhh, Belle Delphine crossed a massive line, I’m not with that

— 🕸 Shashank 🕸 (@GrandmastaShash) January 13, 2021

​Netizens accused the 21-year-old woman of fetishising rape and posting images without content warning.


yeah belle delphine is not trending again for some jokes or some bath water. she is trending again for fetishizing rape. please be careful when looking through the tag and don’t go to her page and look at her pin tweet

— riyah (@corpseewhore) January 12, 2021

Why is Belle Delphine like this???
Fair enough if you’re into that sort of shit but wouldn’t have hurt to put a CW on a post like that. It’s extremely triggering.

— Miranda (@Randaa98__) January 13, 2021

​Other users criticised people who support the blogger and called for her cancellation.

Not tryna kink shame anyone but if you stan belle Delphine, especially after her recent post, you need to see a therapist or seek help. That’s NOT ok.

— PENDEJO 2 ⚔️ 🔜 HELL 👿 (88%) (@dnceao) January 13, 2021

Look… can we just cancel Belle Delphine? I just can’t do it anymore…

— Savage (@SavannahWorman) January 12, 2021

​Many netizens said that there was nothing shocking in the photoshoot.

People are mad at an adult model because she did a DID photoshoot? K then. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

— jam-at-nite (@jam_nite) January 13, 2021

it’s belle delphine I’d be scared if it wasn’t suggestive

— Brandon Schick (@Schickster00) January 13, 2021

​Others said that people criticising the blogger simply envy her because she makes millions.

I don’t watch pronography because it atrophies your “IMAGINATION”, but really people are just mad at belle delphine because they wish they were making that much money selling porno of themselves.

— Nozaku (@Nozaku2) January 13, 2021

​The eye-popping content posted by the young woman attracts swathes of people. She has four million followers across all her social media accounts. If one is to believe her claim, she makes $1.2 million per month thanks to her account on OnlyFans, a website, which is popular among sex workers, but is also used by other content creators, like illustrators.



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