Issue of status set aside for now – Lavrov on Karabakh


YEREVAN, JANUARY 18, ARMENPRESS. The status of Nagorno Karabakh is not mentioned in the 2020 November 9 trilateral statement and it has been left for solving in the future, the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said at a news conference.

“The territory where the peacekeeping mission is deployed is the area of responsibility of the peacekeeping contingent. We are proceeding from this in our contacts with Yerevan and Baku. Now, the details on organizing transport communication and humanitarian assistance are being developed,” Lavrov said.

The Russian FM said that there are contradictions about the status in Yerevan and Baku and due to these contradictions the leaders of Russia, Armenia and Azerbaijan have decided to set aside this issue for now and resolve it in the future.

Lavrov said that the OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chairs also have to work over this issue and that they are already in contacts with the sides and are planning to visit the region. Lavrov says the sooner Yerevan and Baku’s assurances on the willingness to resolve daily life between ethnic and religious communities are solved the sooner the NK status issue will be solved.

Lavrov called the proposal voiced by some on including Karabakh as some sort of a federal subject of Russia “exotic”, and he once again stressed that the independence of Nagorno Karabakh isn’t even recognized by Armenia itself.

“We don’t have such intention, we proceed from the point of view that such issues should be resolved between Armenia and Azerbaijan for preserving security in the region.

Editing and Translating by Stepan Kocharyan




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