What did this dam war do to us


by Ara Sofalian

In 1993, clashes in Artsakh were gang war, and Monté Milkunyan had thought of moving bases of armed struggle from Lebanon to Artsakh – Nagorno Qarah Bagh, so he trained in Lebanon in armed struggle after engaging in the ranks of an organization The Palestinian Liberation teaches to fight, as if he only knew teaching, he was a graduate of American universities and worked as a teacher in it, and he thought joining Asala helped achieve an idea that shined in his imagination… He loved to get straight to the core of the problem As long as Armenia is under occupation, the armed struggle is legitimate to liberate his country from occupation… Assassination of a diplomatic in neutral territories is a wrong action, reap enmity and nothing is beneficial except to discourage world opinion against Armenia and its cause.

The point is that all the former wars of Armenia were only redemptive wars except the Battle of Sardarabad… Artsakh was liberated by these wars, the Azeris committed massacres against Armenians in Baku and Artsakh to terrify them and make them They resort to Armenia leaving their homes, money and enjoyment. Armenian aliens took advantage of this opportunity and returned the conflict. Azerbaijan had no covenant, neither armies nor wars, so Artsakh was evacuated and around it. The Azerbaijanis who escaped to Azerbaijan, Baku Armenians escaped in return, left everything and resorted to Armenia.

This time it became different… The war turned into an army war and the Republic of Artsakh contained only 120 thousand residents and Azerbaijan 20 million, yet Azerbaijan used Turkey, Israel, Afghanistan, ISIS and funds Oil, gas, and stacked weapons, so it only left a gun seller and bought from him, so it bought from Israel, America, Germany, Canada, Switzerland, Turkey, even from Russia, and wrote some Armenian writers warning of the danger of buying weapons by two hostile countries from The same source (Russia)… and it was a cry in a valley… and the war broke out, but not a feline war, but a drone war, where drones are programmed, so the rockets are carried out and launched from small airports, looking for targets with cameras and done. Directing Israeli and Turkish F-16 aircrafts and marches reach their targets, so the missile falls on artillery battery, often becoming the battery of artillery and the ten who serve it in Khan News.

Armenian soldiers complained of drones but there is no life for those who are calling… Azerbaijan paid Russia what it paid and bought weapons from (meaning Russia was arrested and now Azerbaijan was enabled from Armenia)… Armenians have nothing They pay him after 30 years of stealing, looting, looting, corruption and bribes.

Soldiers don’t dare to violate command orders because their commander is entitled to execute him immediately and so Armenian soldiers had to fly around artillery batteries fired into air without setting targets and thereby turning into easy targets for drones… There was no smart officer to order soldiers to hide in shelters and not to clash until the enemy reached their positions because the enemy would disrupt the drones… but what happened, 30 years and Artsakh In our lap and we didn’t think of opening another way to serve the front if there was a war, and it was supposed to make ten roads, but our story with the one way is a painful story, a pantry truck was targeted for the Armenian side, so it turned and blocked the street and rallyed behind It’s a caravan or targets ready and waiting for the bombing and this happened.

This is an official war, and it has many martyrs, and it has wounded, some of them mild, moderate or severe injuries, and then amputation will save their lives…. thereby the result of this war, soldiers who lost their limbs.

I find it utterly ridiculous that the humanitarian situation of the wounded is not considered, so whoever was about to get married before the war was married after that… God created the world in seven days, so why is the rush and what it means to celebrate so quickly The wedding and blood of the martyrs, companions of the wounded, who lost his limbs, has not yet dried… A white 5-layer Cato, and the groom’s mother dancing with the bride and the father of the groom dancing with his son who started without limbs… and the guests clap…???!!! ???

I’m not against joy, but life has priorities and literature… Priorities are to secure the industrial parties quickly for the wounded and train them to get used to cope with their new life and literature is not to publish these parties on the internet, so there is no meaning to force a groom On dancing while he is missing the parties (ask the groom to give you his real opinion on what happened and what I say) there are a million mulled dogs who see these videos on the other end… I know it’s a cry in a valley and no one will like it and there are thousands One of the seekers of justifications to betray me and make me appear in a picture that doesn’t suit me but in the end everyone knows the truth even the little one.

Ara Sofalian

Humanitarian writer and researcher on the Armenian issue

17 / 01 / 2021

[email protected]



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